ab&cd innovations developed a technology for the conversion of glycerol, a by-product of biodiesel production, into lactic acid.


Price Stability

The globally increasing production of biodiesel and fatty acids leads to an oversupply of the generated by-product glycerol. As a result, the glycerol price declines significantly.

At the same time, global demand for lactic acid rises due to the fact that this commodity chemical has a growing number of applications. Lactic acid is used in the textile and leather industry, in food, beverage and feed industry, for the production of bioabsorbable medical devices, detergent industry and in the production of biodegradable plastics. Furthermore, lactic acid derived products are used in the chemical industry as ecologically friendly solvents and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

The novel technology closes the gap between oversupply of glycerol and the rising demand for lactic acid. In contrast to glycerol, lactic acid offers excellent price stability.


Adding Value

The process is especially developed for application in biodiesel production plants. It can even be integrated into existing production facilities and enables biodiesel producing companies the exploration of a new sector: the rising market of lactic acid.

Due to the use of crude glycerol for the chemical fabrication of DL-lactic acid, the use of starch containing food crops can be avoided.

ab&cd innovations works closely with biodiesel companies to leverage existing crude glycerol streams into lactic acid.


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