Currently, more than 90% of all chemicals, plastics and energy fuels are provided by fossil sources. Due to the devastating consequences for environment and climate feasible alternatives are urgently required.


ab&cd innovations contributes to overcome these problems by providing tailored solutions for industrial companies. Focus of interest is the efficient recovery of recyclables from industrial waste and by-products followed by environmentally compliant conversion into value added chemicals. Furthermore, the development of novel strategies for the production of green chemicals derived from renewable resources is an essential part of our research.


The creative combination of chemical and biological expertises enables the development of innovative clean technologies. Hence, we support the establishment of sustainability and Green Chemistry into industrial production and processing.


In this context, ab&cd innovations provides individual solutions for industrial firms in terms of services such as examination, research, development and consulting. read more >


ab&cd innovations works closely with biodiesel companies, chemical companies and firms of other industrial branches interested in leveraging existing by-products or waste into value added chemicals.


What does the abbreviation in the company name mean?


ab&cd innovations stands for: “Advanced Biocommodities and Chemically Developed Innovations”