ab&cd innovations develops strategies for the conversion of industrial waste and by-products into chemicals facing a huge demand.


One of our most prominent developments has been optimized for the large scale production of lactic acid. This sustainable substance has a growing number of applications. Lactic acid is used in the textile and leather industry, in the food, beverage and feed industry, for the production of bioabsorbable medical devices and in the detergent industry. Furthermore, lactic acid derived products are used in the chemical industry as eco friendly solvents and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


Currently, one of the most promising applications is the production of biodegradable plastics – polylactic acid: PLA. Latest market research projects a CAGR of roughly 20%. This growth rate is owed to the rising demand for biodegradable packaging material.


ab&cd innovations already started planning of an industrial PLA production facility. read more>


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