ENERGY GLOBE Award Vienna 2014

March 2014: At this year's award of the regional ENERGY GLOBE Vienna, ab&cd innovations was twice victorious


The ENERGY GLOBE Award is one of the worldwide most adorable environmental awards and was founded in 1999 by the Austrian energy-pioneer Wolfgang Neumann. With this award particularly sustainable and innovative Projects are presented to the public. Resource and energy efficiency are at the forefront of the annual competition in which to apply approximately 800 projects and initiatives worldwide.


ab&cd innovations was able to be twice victorious at the regional ENERGY GLOBE Award Vienna 2014, that took place on Tuesday, 25th March at the Technical University of Vienna. First, ab&cd innovations won at the category earth. It was a big surprise, when the winner of the regional ENERGY GLOBE Vienna was announced: ab&cd innovations!!


Founder of the ENERGY GLOBE Award and winner at the category earth
Wolfgang Neumann, Brigitte Lemmerhofer, Amitava Kundu
© Florian Wieser


Winner of the regional ENERGY GLOBE Award Vienna 2014: ab&cd innovations
Sabine Aicher, Amitava Kundu, Brigitte Lemmerhofer
© Florian Wieser


Wolfgang Neumann, all category winner and overall winner of the regional ENERGY GLOBE Award Vienna 2014
© Florian Wieser