Our Offer for You

ab&cd innovations is engaged in the efficient recovery of recyclables from industrial waste and by-products followed by environmentally compliant conversion into value added chemicals. In this context, we provide individual solutions for industrial firms in terms of services such as examination, research, development and consulting.


Tech-Scouting / Technology Consulting

The wheel does not have to be reinvented several times. Therefore, we support our customers by scouting for already existing technologies. In case that the available technology does not completely match the requirements of the customer we close the gap by developing bridging structures and adaptions to the specific needs.


Our tech-scouting business as well is intended for sustainable technologies related to:

   -resource efficiency - lowering disposal fees and waste management costs

   -waste water treatment

   -leveraging waste and by-product streams

   -biobased chemicals


Innovation Scouting

Industrial production witnesses constant chance. We support in identifying new technologies to optimize process flows and indicate innovative and efficient strategies.

Converting residues into new products is not always the best choice in terms of resource efficiency and economy. We therefore embed disruptive ideas like Chemical Leasing and contracting.


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