From Waste to Value – New Feedstocks for the Industry

ab&cd innovations rises to the challenge to develop new strategies for the conversion of industrial waste, by-products and biomass into value added chemicals.


The creative employment of chemical and biological technologies enables the discovery of sustainable methods to add value and increases the environmental safety of industrial chemical processes. For us, Green Chemistry isn’t just philosophy, it’s our daily business. read more >


One of our current projects is the use of specific industrial residues for the production of lactic acid - a commodity chemical facing a globally increasing demand. Lactic acid is, among other uses, feedstock for the most promising biodegradable plastic: PLA read more >



The wheel does not have to be reinvented several times. Therefore, we support our customers by scouting (technology consulting) for already existing technologies. In case that the available technology does not completely match the requirements of the customer we close the gap by developing bridging structures and adaptions to the specific needs. read more >

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